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A goal without a plan is just a wish.  Let's work together to make that dream a reality.



Do you feel that you aren't getting as much done as everyone else?  I am an productivity junkie, let me help.


Do you struggle with the people you work with or who work for you?  Learn the skills to improve your influence.


All coaching is personalized, but maybe you need help in an area not listed here.

What Is Life Coaching?


Life Coaching is different from therapy.  We help people who are already functioning in their life, but they want to make improvements in their lives.

Maybe you have a goal you want to reach, or you are struggling to make a decision, or you wish you didn’t procrastinate.  Pretty much anything you would like to improve in your life.

A Life Coach can help you get clarity on your thoughts and make improvements that are right for you.

Who Is Coaching For?


Life Coaching is for people who are already functioning in life.  Even if you’re successful, life coaching is for you.

Everyone needs a neutral third party to talk through their thoughts.  It is hard to see our own thoughts when they are in our heads.

Life Coaches help you understand your thinking, teach you how thoughts drive your feelings and actions; giving you clarity on how to get the results you want in your life.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

That’s where coaching can help.

It’s amazing what talking to a coach can do.  Gaining clarity on your thoughts opens up a world of possibilities for your future.

The relationship you have with your best friend and confidant is different than a coach.  Coaches are observers of your thoughts, there is no judgment in the process; therefore, we create a safe space for you to talk about what you’re thinking.

This is where the clarity comes from.

What Exactly Is Life Coaching?


It all starts with a conversation about whatever you want coaching on.  If you don’t know, no worries, I have starting points.  The goal is to understand what’s currently going on in your life.

Asking Questions

Let’s question those thoughts you’re having.  We’ll figure out what is fact and what your brain may be making up.  We’ll uncover beliefs you may or may want to keep.

Review of Your Thoughts

We’ll review what exactly you’re thinking about your current life.  This will give us a clear understanding of where you are.

Making a Change You Want

Once we know where you are, we can take steps to get you to where you want to be and what you want to change in your life.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Life Coaching is right for nearly everyone.  Most people don’t have that neutral person to speak with.

However, here are a few things to think about if you’re unsure.

Are you currently functioning in life?

Life Coaching is not for people who are struggling with debilitating mental illness.  Areas relating to psychological disorders should see a licensed therapist.

But if you are getting along in life and want your life to be better – I can help.

Do you desire more out of life or to feel better about your life?

Coaching is future-focused.  It is about looking at what you want in your life and taking steps to get there.

This could be a goal or it could be a feeling.  Either way, you need to have a desire to improve or change your life for coaching to be beneficial to you.

Are you willing to examine the thoughts in your head?

If you have never really examined what exactly you are thinking, it may not be fun at first.  Our brains create some thoughts we may not like.

Our thoughts cause our actions, so you have to be willing to face them head-on in order to understand them and change them.

Do you have the time to work on improving your life?

Life coaching is not a quick fix, although the strategy session will give you a good start.  

It takes regular practice of examining your thoughts and understanding how those thoughts are creating your results.

So you will need to devote time to coaching sessions and thought work.

Can you believe that the change you want is possible?

I believe that practically anything is possible and that humans are amazingly adaptable.  Meaning you can achieve anything you want as long as you believe you can and take action to get it.  Can you do that?

My Approach

I believe that almost anything is possible as long as you are willing to believe you can do it and take action to achieve it.

Our actions are determined by our thoughts.  So my coaching approach focuses on your mindset, beliefs, and thoughts.  This is the root cause of all our feelings and actions.

When you can think intentionally, you can do almost anything.  That is what I want to teach you.

How to examine the thoughts that got you to this point.  And make changes in those thoughts to get you to where you want to go.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

A friendly call to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit for each other.  We will discuss what you want to get out of coaching and create a plan to get started. 


Choose a Coaching Plan

We will start with a 2-hour strategy session that will examine your current life and obstacles, then create a vision of what you want as well as a plan to get there.

I have 6-week or 4-month coaching packages available to meet your needs.

Reach Your Goals

Keeping that vision we created in mind, you will make forward-moving progress in reaching your goals, whatever they may be.

Still Have Questions?

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